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What you would expect from Brazilian beans? Nothing less.

Cupping Notes: Caramel, creamy, balanced, lemon, nutty.

Per Pound Price. The Nossa Senhora de Fatima farm is owned by Ricardo de Aguiar Resende and his wife, Gisele, both are 3rd generation coffee producers. The farm consists of 395 hectares, of which 235 are planted with coffee. Living on the farm and dedicating themselves to their work, environmental protection and preservation have become a top priority. They have invested in replanting native trees, fostering the growth of the native flora and fauna, and developing a reforestation program for shade trees. The farm is certified organic by BCS-OKO. They have created organic compost fertilizers using micro-organisms from the farm in an effort to improve the quality of the coffee produced.

In addition, Nossa Senhora de Fatima has sponsored, developed, and implemented several social projects including housing for the farm workers, building a school, and establishing a complete educational program for the workers children. This is a Fairly Traded Coffee.